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Stukāns, taking the oath of the Prosecutor General, promises to be honest and fair – in Latvia – News


According to the law, the text of the oath is as follows: “I, being a prosecutor, am aware of the responsibility entrusted to me and swear (solemn promise) to be honest and fair, faithful to the Republic of Latvia, always try to find out the truth, never hand it over. Constitution and laws. “

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court noted that today’s event is unique – the Prosecutor General is sworn in by a judge. Until now, the only oath of the Prosecutor General in Latvia was taken in 1994, when the then Prosecutor General Jānis Skrastiņš took the oath in accordance with the new Law on the Prosecutor’s Office. However, unlike Skrastiņš, who came from the Prosecutor’s Office and had already been appointed Prosecutor General with the establishment of the Latvian Prosecutor’s Office in 1990, Stukāns did not come from the prosecutor’s office, but from judges, LETA was informed by the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court noted that this event is somewhat symbolic also because the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who takes this oath, has also been called by the media as a “judge from the sidelines”, because his experience as a judge is not long.

Based on his experience, Strupišs is convinced that there should be no fear of “leaders from the sidelines”.

“Of course, entering the system from the side has its drawbacks, but they can be easily overcome by an open person who is ready to learn information, study and work. Entering from the outside has advantages that, in my opinion, outweigh the disadvantages,” said Strupišs.

However, each leader must in any case gain the trust of colleagues, demonstrate the ability to inspire, organize and lead, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expressed confidence that the new Attorney General has all the qualities to do so.

At the end of the speech, Strupišs noted that although the court and the prosecutor’s office have different functions and competencies, they are part of one system – the court system. The court cannot co-operate with the prosecutor’s office in specific cases, however, there are issues where co-operation, exchange of ideas and information is possible and even necessary to improve the quality of the entire judicial system. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court confirmed his readiness to ensure such co-operation.

Aivars Ostapko, Chief Prosecutor of the Operational Analysis and Management Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and Arvīds Kalniņš, Chief Prosecutor of the Criminal Justice Department, who were also present at the swearing-in event, presented Stukāns with the role of a prosecutor and a prosecutor’s certificate.

On June 18, the Saeima unanimously approved the Chairman of the Criminal Court Chamber of the Riga Regional Court as the Prosecutor General of Stukāni.

Stukans has previously announced that under his leadership, the prosecutor’s office will face major reforms.

The term of office of the current Attorney General, Kalnmeier, expires on 11 July.


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