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The Hubble Space Telescope took another extraordinary photo. That of the galaxy NGC 2775, located at 67 millions light-years away from us in the constellation of cancer.

Its appearance is doubly astonishing. Its center has a milky, cottony aspect which can be explained, writes ESA in a press release published on the website of the NASA, by the fact that there is practically no star formation there. Center which is “dominated by an unusually large and relatively empty galactic bulge, where all of the gas was converted to stars long ago”.

Feathery arms

Second source of wonder: the arms of the galaxy, in spirals and it looks like made of feathers. They are not like those of other galaxies, like the Milky Way, which are much larger and much better defined than here, where they are intermingled and mixed with rows of dust. These millions of hot blue stars would trigger the formation of other stars in the nearby gas clouds. Then, the feather-shaped patterns are formed by shearing these clouds of gas during the rotation of the galaxy.

For ESA, the appearance of this galaxy indicates that the recent history of its star formation has been relatively calm. It is classified in the galaxies called galaxies with flaky spirals.

Michel Pralong

Created: 12.07.2020, 15h34


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