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School Exchange USA: Los Angeles or San Francisco? How to get the place in California


Student exchange USA: student in California (Photo: Foundation for International Understanding)

The USA is the dream destination number 1 for young people who are planning a student exchange during school time. The United States is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. This raises the question for students of where to go within the United States. California is one of the top destinations. Knowing the conditions of the student exchange market makes it easier to get one of the coveted places. The non-profit international understanding foundation provides an overview.

1 student exchange in California: country, population, nature and the metropolises. California is located in the western United States on the Pacific. After Alaska, California is the largest US state in terms of area and, with over 40 million inhabitants, the most populous state in the USA. Immigration, particularly from Mexico and Central America, has increased the proportion of the Spanish-speaking population in the past few decades. There are also increasing influences from Asia. With Los Angeles and San Francisco to offer two world-famous cities. California covers a whole range of different regions, from the coast to the mountain ranges to the desert-like regions in the interior. The north-south expansion of California means that the climatic range is very large.
2 Student Exchange in California: The High Schools. As is generally the case in the USA, the high schools in California are comprehensive schools. In addition to the state schools, there are private high schools that accept guest students from abroad. The educational system in California has a good reputation. Many high schools offer a wide range of subjects, good equipment, modern technology and an extensive range of sports.

3 Student Exchange in California: Program Offers for Students. The exchange programs can be differentiated between the USA Classic program and the USA Select program. There are also programs with region selection. Basically, the USA Classic program means that students attend a public high school and live and live with a host family nearby. The US exchange organization, which acts on behalf of the German exchange organization, determines which region and which school students come to within the USA. In contrast, the student specifically chooses the region / high school for the select program. These are usually private high schools that work with the exchange organizations in Germany.

4 School Exchange in California: 4 Ways to Get to California in Any Case. With the USA Classic program, students can name their preferences. The result is open, however. Therefore, the following options are available: Those who know and “bring along” a host family in California make the exchange organization’s work easier, may save some money (in terms of fees paid to the provider) and ensure that the choice for California works in any case. However: relatives are not suitable as a host family. Whoever books the USA Select program will definitely achieve the dream destination. However, these offers are significantly more expensive than the USA Classic program. Region-based programs offer the option of at least stipulating that the student will come to California as part of the USA Classic program. To do this, however, you have to know how big California is and that the chance of a place directly in one of the metropolises is not great. Most of the high schools involved are located in the bacon belt of the metropolises or in the “flat country. For the choice of region, the exchange organizations expect a supplement to the program price. Alternatively, you can also see which regions within the United States the organization in question has on offer. There are providers who specialize in California and therefore place their students there “virtually” automatically.

5 USA School Exchange in California: How to Find the Good and Affordable Organization. If you look on the Internet, you will find that there are many providers. It is important to only look at providers who are both efficient and reputable. The easiest and safest way is to use a pre-checked selection of providers. There is a provider search engine on the student exchange portal that provides independent information: Before making a decision, you should also speak to several good providers in person. For this there is the nationwide AUF IN DIE WELT fairs, the German special fairs for school exchange and gap year of the non-profit foundation Völkerverständigung, which only allows reputable providers. Places and dates: Admission is free.

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