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Romina Power, the tribute to Taryn and the memory of the mother-in-law Jolanda with Insinna


A Voice for Padre Pio, the charity marathon broadcast by Rai1, returns for its 21st edition with the conduct of Flavio Insinna and sees numerous special guests on stage. Between these, Romina Power he surprised the audience and gave great emotions with his wonderful voice.

The artist, in a riot of white and with large shiny stones around her neck, she entered the scene intoning her splendid piece The light you have, enchanting everyone. At the end of his performance, Flavio Insinna she could not help thanking her for attending the event, despite the difficult moment she is experiencing on a personal level. In recent days it has in fact gone out his sister Taryn, after a long battle against leukemia, e Romina Power remembered her live with a beautiful thought.

“Even these moments they are part of life, it is inevitable, sooner or later, to face such situations “- revealed the singer -” Sometimes, when people leave, they actually free themselves. We think this is the most beautiful place, but maybe we are wrong. ” IS, talking about Taryn, she confessed: “She only knew goodness, she was an exceptional sister. A very good actress who did not have a great ego, and who indeed had no ambition, a great activist for less fortunate people and animals. “

There was also a thought for Mrs. Jolanda, the mother of Al Bano Carrisi who left us last December: “I started watching The legacy with my mother-in-law “- explained Romina speaking of the game show conducted by Insinna -” and then I got passionate “. Of course, on an evening like this they could not miss moments of hilarity and light-heartedness. Starting from the jokes of Nathalie Guetta and Nino Frassica, who throughout the evening accompanied Flavio Insinna in the arduous task of conducting a very special edition of A Voice for Padre Pio.

With a beautiful video, we were able to retrace some of the most exciting moments last season of the charity event, to which Romina Power he had participated together with Al Bano in an amazing duet. And the singer then lent herself to play with Insinna to a “guillotine” – this is the name of the last challenge that the competitors of The legacy they face every night – trying to guess the mysterious word.

Before leaving the stage, Romina also performed the splendid poetry of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Love life as it is, causing great emotion among those present. In short, once again, Power has left its mark on our hearts. And it did during a special evening, in favor of a fundraiser aimed at helping the most needy.



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