Entertainment Queen Elizabeth releases her own gin

Queen Elizabeth releases her own gin


Queen Elizabeth likes a glass, preferably one with gin. It is no coincidence that Buckingham Palace releases a gin based on ingredients grown in the Queen’s gardens.

Queen Elizabeth loves horseback riding, corgis and gin. A few years ago, her former chef revealed that she always starts her lunch with a cocktail based on gin, Dubonnet (an aperitif drink), a slice of lemon and a lot of ice cream. And now Buckingham Palace has released a gin for the first time.

It was not too far for the ingredients, because they were simply picked from the Queen’s gardens. Hawthorn berries, lemon verbena, mulberry leaves and bay leaves are just four of the twelve botanicals used in the drink.

Photo: via REUTERS

The bottle is sold through the Royal Collection Trust webshop and costs 40 pounds (about 44 euros). For now, the drink will only ship within the UK, but will reportedly also be available at Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, when they reopen for visitors on July 23.

The proceeds from the sale go to the Royal Collection Trust. It is responsible for managing the Queen’s art collection, as well as all the palaces and castles she owns. Due to the corona crisis, those last months remained closed to the general public. Normally Buckingham Palace alone attracts about 15 million tourists every year. A serious line through the bill. The job of about two hundred employees would therefore be at risk.


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