World Police seize more than a ton of cocaine bound...

Police seize more than a ton of cocaine bound for Germany – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice


In the last hours, the Anti-Narcotics Police managed to seize 1.2 tons of cocaine hydrochloride that were heading to Germany from the port of Cartagena.

Through a scanner, the Police detected irregular packages in the merchandise that was in one of the port’s containers and, after conducting a physical inspection, 1,224 brown and yellow rectangular packages were found.

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These packages were hidden inside of 60 cardboard boxes that also carried paper napkins.

Packets were tested to determine their content and the result confirmed that it was cocaine, so the police seized them.

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According to investigations, the coca was to be shipped on a motor ship with its final destination in Koblenz, Germany. The alkaloid would have an approximate value of 73 million dollars in the European country.

The investigations continue with the purpose of establishing which criminal structure
the 1,224 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride belonged.

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In the midst of the pandemic and the national quarantine, the authorities have not stopped their work to fight drug trafficking.In fact, on June 9, the largest coca shipment so far in the emergency was seized in the port of Buenaventura. .

There they were detected near 5 tons of the drug that had been mixed into granulated rubber in a cargo going to Turkey.

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