Sport Photo: GoRR regatta before the last day change of...

Photo: GoRR regatta before the last day change of leaders in all groups


Will close in Kuiviži on Friday Gulf of Riga regatta jeb “Gulf of Riga Regatta” (GoRR) and among the 47 yacht teams will be determined not only the winners of the race, but also the Latvian champions and Livonian Cup winners. After two coastal trips in front of Roja on Thursday, the leaders in all four competition groups changed, the organizers report.

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The Lithuanian team “COOL WATER” (ORC1) and the Estonian – “SUGAR” (ORC2) took the leading positions in the ORC groups. Leaders in LYS groups have also changed, where teams from Latvia start. In the LYS1 group, the previous leaders “PROJECT A1” were replaced by “ROCCABELLA”, ahead of the overall score by one point. Before the last stage, the yacht “BLONDY” quite convincingly replaced the previous leaders in the LYS2 group, ahead of the competitors – “FILIAS” and “ELIXIR”. The biggest intrigue before the end of the last stage as the overall winner remains in the LYS1 group.

“The regatta has been going on for several days and after the first two stages we were in second place. Yesterday there were two starts and each start was like a separate stage. The weather was difficult. There was a change of wind all the time “Tactically, and the captain led the boat well. We didn’t make a big mistake. This combination also brought us the best results yesterday,” said Silards Kamergrauzis, a representative of the “ROCCABELLA” team, about the 3rd and 4th stage of the last day of GoRR.

“Our boat is suitable for long distances, not short distances. This was shown by the results of the first two days, where we had the opportunity to take the lead. We are glad that today is the long distance and we will try to push the ROCCABELLA back, Jānis Norde from the yacht “PROJECT A1”, a representative of the team “SARMA & NORDE”.

Results of the current overall rating:
ORC1 group – Lithuanian team “COOL WATER” (sail No. LTU-2777), captain Raimonds Šiugždins
In ORC2 group – Estonian team “SUGAR” (sail No. EST-774), captain Marjalīsa Umba
LYS1 group – Latvian team “ROCCABELLA” (sail No.LAT-911), captain Valters Romans
LYS2 group – Latvian team “BLONDY” (sail No. LAT-315), captain Andris Zubrickis

Competition results available:
The list of participants can be found here:

Currently, the regatta is on its way to Kuiviži and it is possible to follow the progress of the competition at the right time online:

Preliminarily, the first yachts in Kuiviži port could arrive today starting at 17.00.

The award ceremony for the 2020 GoRR winners, Latvian champions and Livonian Cup winners will take place after all the yachts have finished and the race protests, if any, have ended.


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