Technology Nacon presents its latest games at Nacon Connect

Nacon presents its latest games at Nacon Connect


Hilversum, July 7, 2020 – During NACON Connect, the company’s first digital conference, NACON has unveiled many new projects currently under development at both its internal studios and partner studios. NACON’s momentum and growing ambition were further confirmed with announcements of new partnerships with major parties for NACON’s accessories.

This gamer-focused conference was held to present the future of NACON, especially the projects under development at studios that have joined the group over the past two years. These games epitomize NACON’s desire to offer an even wider variety of games that meet the expectations of the most discerning gamers.

NACON’s game catalog features a diverse selection of titles for all types of gamers, including fans of racing sims, RPGs, roguelikes, deck builders and many other genres. NACON Connect revealed several exciting projects that are currently being worked on.

Fans of the World of Darkness first saw gameplay footage from Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood. The battles in this brawler revolve around the protagonist’s werewolf form: Players must unleash their supernatural anger to battle the world-threatening evil of the petroleum company Endron. The game will be available on February 4, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. View the gameplay footage here.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong was also shown via a dark, gripping cinematic trailer that sketched the background of this promising Narrative RPG from Big Bad Wolf. Watch the trailer here.

For fans of Action RPGs, there was good news with the announcement of Steelrising, the new project of development studio Spiders. Jehanne Rousseau and her team place you at the heart of an alternative Paris during the French Revolution, where King Louis XVI’s robot army terrorizes and oppresses the French people. Aegis, the main character, battles this reign of terror to change the course of history. View the announcement here.

During the conference, the racing genre was particularly well represented with the revelations of two very ambitious projects.

RiMS Racing is under development at RaceWard Studio, a Milan-based team of experts who have been working on motorcycle racing games for 20 years. The simulation is based on a unique and innovative concept that makes the mechanics of the motorcycle at the core of the gaming experience. Fans will love the behavior of the motorcycles, which is partly due to the work that KT Racing has done on their own game engine.

It was also confirmed that a new game in the Test Drive Unlimitedfranchise under development at KT Racing. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is the new, ambitious project of Alain Jarniou and his team. Drawing on their experience in creating motorsport simulations, such as that of the WRC series, KT Racing and NACON are now bringing their new vision to the franchise. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is true to the series’ DNA, which revolves around the love of beautiful cars and the pleasure of driving a luxury island recreated on a 1: 1 scale. Players can compete against each other in the Solar Crown, a mysterious league, to raise their character’s status within the community. Watch the trailer here.

A new genre has been added to NACONS catalog: roguelike games.

Rogue Lords is developed by Cyanide and Leikir and takes place in Baroque and Gothic, 17th-century New England. The game lets you play as the devil, who has returned to Earth to fight the forces of good, and has a unique art style that is sure to appeal to fans of Tim Burton’s work. Watch the trailer here.

Roguebook is a roguelike deck builder from the Belgian studio Abrakam, the creators of the game Faeria. With the support of Richard Garfield, the famous creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield, who co-develops his experience as a co-developer of the game Roguebook innovative game mechanics and a world that fans of the genre will love.

Brand new gameplay footage from WRC 9 in Tennis World Tour 2, both of which will be released in September. The conference ended with the news Warhammer Chaosbane, developed by Eko Software, will be available for next-gen consoles later this year. Watch the gameplay footage of WRC 9 here.

Within just a few years, NACON accessories have convinced players from all over the world. After the acquisition of RIG, a leading headset brand for PC and console gamers, announced in March director of the accessories department, Yannick Allaert, today one prestigious new partnership during NACON Connect.

After selling more than 3 million officially licensed PlayStation®4 controllers, NACON is proud to announce that it has a license agreement with Microsoft has entered into official accessories for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC to create and distribute.

Finally, NACON announced that the development of cloud gaming and the arrival of 5G the company will bring many new technology opportunities to provide gamers with ongoing support for all of their experiences. After conversations with various telecommunications companies, including Orange in France, NACON will soon also offer special accessories for gaming on smartphones.

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