Health Maurice de Hond - RIVM right: exposure to coronavirus...

Maurice de Hond – RIVM right: exposure to coronavirus via aerosols is possible


The virologists knew for sure at the end of May: aerosols play no significant role in the spread of the coronavirus. That is now changing. Because what does RIVM write more than a month later: It is possible to be exposed to the coronavirus through fine moisture drops that can linger for hours in unventilated spaces. Which reports NRC Handelsblad.

Maurice the Dog – As long as the information about the aerosols is not taken seriously by RIVM, we will be manipulated into the 1.5 meter society

And so Maurice gets the Dog little by little more and more alike. The pillar has already warned against aerosol dispersion for some time and also points to the importance of good ventilation. The RIVM scientists looked into their research including how many aerosols are released after, for example, a cough or talking. It shows that after a sneeze most of the small drops remain in the air, followed by a cough, twenty minutes of talking and breathing.

The researchers then looked at the risk of exposure to the virus, including in a packed bus without ventilation. If someone sneezes violently in it, the chance of exposure to the virus is 100 percent. But: that does not mean that the person also gets infected. The researchers write that this requires additional research.


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