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Lotfy Labib for the seventh day: Hanedy and Salah El-Saadany, warned me about the role of the Israeli ambassador


The great artist Lotfi Labib said that his artistic breakthrough came with his participation in the movie “The Embassy in Architecture” when he embodied the personality of the Israeli ambassador David Cohen, and the great artist explained in special statements to “The Seventh Day” that his fame was delayed because he spent a large period of his life as a soldier in the forces Armed, which is a period that he cherished, which lasted 6 years, during which he participated in the wars of attrition and October.

Labeeb said: “I started artistically through the theater, and from it I became known in the artistic community and participated in some series, but the second start was with my participation in the film, The Embassy in Architecture, in the role of Israeli Ambassador David Cohen, and from it was the great life and artistic transformation.”

The great artist revealed that some artists warned him against accepting this role so that the public would not hate him, saying: “Hanidi and Salah Al-Saadani warn me against accepting the role of the Israeli ambassador, but the director Saeed Hamed advised us to accept the role and said to me he will move you again, and indeed, although I participated in the movie through 5 scenes Only, except that I got an award for this role, and after that, I did not spend much time and work, and I got to know the public and performed Zad. “

He continued during this period I and Hassan Hosni and I attributed Abu Awf and Salah Abdullah the ownership of the middle area in the Egyptian cinema, and we became like goal makers, and participated in films starring the young generation such as Mohamed Saad, Henedy, Ahmed Helmy, Hani Ramzy and others.

The period spent by the great artist Lotfi Labib, a soldier in the armed forces, greatly affected his qualities and life as he carried a heart and soul of a resisting soldier who does not give up and his soul is not subject to disease, and he was able to overcome all crises, he always kept the spirit of the soldier who crossed and won and faced all the difficulties and he Laughs, sings and loves, so the great artist was able to find in every crisis facing him an alternative exit and plans and not to give in to despair and frustration, and to know where he stands and what he can offer and how to continue giving even in the most difficult circumstances, so he did not give up when he suffered a stroke in the brain that affected the left part of His body and kept the spirit of resistance and smile that faced the disease.


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