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Lilac couple explain their decision to make private life less and less public on social networks – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment


Visiting the talk show “Family Talks” created by Naura and Aija Brikmaņi, which is the first at ReTV and STV! will be available to viewers already this week, a couple of Lilacs have revealed – with the birth of a girl Adele has dramatically changed their virtual life and technology use habits.

They make no secret of the fact that they are currently holding a kind detox from social networks and the Internet, focusing on raising a girl.

“We want to be very present. And that is the main thing we promised each other. This decision came when Adele was born, because we wanted to be with her so much, ”says Lelde.

Aivis also joins his wife, revealing that, being with her daughter, the couple does not use any mobile phones at all – they are parked somewhere on the shelf and taken only when there is an emergency call.

Lelde also says that becoming a mother has also affected the followers’ interest in her life on social networks. During the girl’s anticipation, Lelde often posted pictures showing her pussy in her Instagram account and shared feminine feelings, as a result of which the interest of the male audience in the life of the TV personality has sharply decreased. On the other hand, the circle of followers has been increased by new mothers. And, as Aivis laughs in the show, he is very happy about this trend.


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