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LeBron James does not put a message on the shirt: “People also know what I stand for” NBA


Basketball star LeBron James will be one of the few players who will not have a message on the back of his shirt when the NBA is restarted. The LA Lakers player simply chooses his last name. “I support the players who do it, but it doesn’t feel right to me.”

“Black Lives Matter”, “Respect us”, “Say Their Names”. These are some options from the list of possible messages that NBA players can put on their shirts. The action is a response to the fight against racism that has been raging especially in the United States since the death of George Floyd. Many players have chosen a message, but the LeBron shirt will simply say “James”.

He said he found nothing in the list that suited him. “I had a few ideas myself. I would like to have a say in what could be on my shirt, but I was not involved in the whole process. I support anyone who has one of the options put on their shirt. But it didn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t fit my mission and my goal. “

“Besides, I don’t need any text on my jersey to make it clear what I stand for or what my mission is,” concluded James.

LeBron James and the Lakers have now arrived in Florida


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