News Laura Müller & Michael Wendler are back home in...

Laura Müller & Michael Wendler are back home in Florida (USA)


Laura Müller and the Wendler are back in America

Home at last! Michael Wendler (47) and Laura Müller (19) have landed in the US again and are on their way to Michael’s home in Florida. In the video we show the first words of the overjoyed returnees, who could not return to their adopted home without a detour due to Laura’s visa and the corona pandemic.

Detour via Mexico so that Laura is not expelled

What nobody knew: After Laura’s participation in “Let’s Dance”, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller did not return directly to the USA, where the couple lives. Because Laura has an ESTA visa, there was a risk that she would be shown on a direct flight to the border. With an ESTA visa, however, it is possible to travel to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean within 90 days and return to the USA in any way. So Michael and she took the detour via Mexico and spent two weeks there in corona quarantine under palm trees.

In between, Michael’s daughter Adeline Norberg came to visit. A reunion after three months, at which the three Adelines celebrated their 18th birthday and made plans together for Laura’s and Michael’s wedding. It is still planned for August 2 in Las Vegas.

“Laura and the Wendler – Now is getting married!” On TVNOW


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