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Johnny Depp and his steppe … “Embarrassing” details in the courtroom


The ex-spouses, separately, arrived at the Supreme Court in London Covering their faces with a scarf.

For three weeks, the court is hearing the The Sun case and its News Group News Peppers (NGN).

And the movie series hero takesPirates of the Carabian(57 years), the newspaper stated that it stated in an article published in April 2018 that it had beaten his ex-wife, American actress Amp Hurd, as a proven matter.

During her session, NGN’s attorney focused on Johnny Depp’s addiction Drugs and alcohol.

و .قر American actor That he “fell into the experiment” in March 2013 after 160 days during which he did not consume alcohol, but he denied the lawyer’s claim that he had hit Amber Hurd 3 times.

Lawyer Sasha Was said that the actress mocked tattoo On Johnny Depp’s body with the phrase “Ainu Forever” (intoxicated forever), in a variation of the phrase “Winona Forever” that he knocked after separating from the American actress Winona Ryder In the nineties of the last century.

The lawyer insisted on the accusations of the actor, saying, “I hit her more than once because she did not react after hitting her first time.

The lawyer pointed out that Johnny Depp He reveals his wife that there is a “monster” inside of him that controls his actions “when he is under The effect of alcohol And drugs. “

However, Johnny Depp flatly denied this claim, saying, “This is a sheer lie. I did not hit Miss Hurd.”

The couple met during the filming of “The Ram Dairy” in 2011 and they married in February 2015 in Los Angeles, and then they divorced amid wide media coverage in early 2017.

The 34-year-old actress then spoke of “years” of “physical and psychological” violence, something Johnny Depp denies..


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