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I take revenge, and my revenge is terrible: what to expect from the offended and offended zodiac sign


Aries strikes right away

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, therefore, representatives of this sign will not think for a long time and will immediately respond to any insult. Wounded Aries is the most dangerous person you can deal with.

His temperament and ability to just kill with words can drive crazy even the most seasoned people. They are also capable of quickly moving from words to actions: that is, to begin to destroy everything around or even hit the offender. They never draw up a plan for their revenge, and it is very good that they cool quickly.

Taurus never forgets anything

Representatives of this sign never forget anything, not to mention those things that hurt them, disappointed or angry. But, of course, it’s good that they at least try to hide from others how uncontrollable people they can be.

Instant revenge is not in their style – they are watching and waiting for the moment when their opponent will be in the weakest position. The person whom they have avenged will never again be able to regain their trust and will forever go to their “black list”.

Twins are unpredictable

People born under this constellation are completely unpredictable, even for themselves. If you offend them or one of their close people, defame and slander those things that are dear and holy to them, they will develop the most sinister plan in the world – like in films about psychopaths.

However, by the time of the execution of revenge, they are likely to change their attitude – perhaps they will go further in life, do some more interesting things, stop being angry or simply cross you out of their lives. On the other hand, they can declare a ruthless war on a neighbor only because he accidentally scratched their car.

Cancer Can Be Merciless

Representatives of this sign are among those who are constantly trying to take revenge or, at least, think about it. Anything can become a trigger for their revenge – because in their imagination they constantly paint pictures about how they were allegedly greatly offended by certain people.

Do not try to find the reason for their “vendetta”, it’s better to just reconcile and take it for granted, since in an angry state of mind, Cancers rarely manage to maintain common sense. Despite the fact that representatives of this sign have big hearts, their revenge can really be terrible.

Leo’s revenge is like a tsunami

People born under this sign are, first of all, noble and proud people, but it is these qualities that make them very quickly disappointed in other people. Even the slightest insult will burn their mind and heart for a long time.

They will not allow their offender to sleep at night, and he will not be able to get off with any apology. They take out their hatred in every possible way – words, actions, dirty tricks – no matter how, but they must let their fury out.

In other words, there is no chance that Leo will forgive the one who really hurt him, and this person can no longer count on friendship.

The virgins do not take revenge, they humiliate

Representatives of this sign are known for the fact that after the insults they inflicted, they do not take revenge, but show their negative attitude in a slightly different way, while demonstrating no less persistence.

When they feel pain, they play a card of emotions. Virgo are exalted beings, therefore their main goal is to make the offender feel miserable. He should start to cry, feel shame – in general, it is always a quiet revenge that does not attract the attention of others.

Libra punished by silence

Libra is a sign of the righteous; their karmic duty is to find justice. On the other hand, they love drama, and they usually exacerbate conflict situations until a real war begins.

Their favorite tactic is cold, total disregard. This behavior can last for years, and if the person who made them furious asks “why?”, They, having built a completely innocent expression on their faces, will answer that they don’t know what it is about.

Nevertheless, if their offender shows sufficient perseverance and flattering, Libra gives him the opportunity to atone – but at the same time they crave true repentance.

You can only escape from Scorpio’s revenge

If you have deeply insulted or offended a representative of this sign with something, you better change your job, place of residence, or even better – the continent. The fact is that they are true champions of revenge.

Scorpios do not know how to forgive, their revenge is always well thought out, and, worst of all, it has no end – they continue to pour out their poison whenever they cross with those who hurt them.

Sagittarius rather regrets than hates

As for the representatives of this sign, usually conflict situations with them pass without bloodshed. The thing is that the light character of Sagittarius allows him to take nothing at his own expense – it is easier for him to live.

Therefore, Sagittarius does not hate their offenders, but rather even pity. However, their enemy will have a hard time if the vindictive part of their nature wakes up – in this case the Sagittarius act quickly and hit painfully.

For Capricorn, revenge is a cold dish

If representatives of this sign decide to take revenge, they do it by all the rules, gradually, methodically, with a minimum of emotions. By the time they begin to act, a burning sense of hatred is waning, giving way to a feeling of bitterness and detachment.

Then they turn into powerful enemies, completely confident in what they are doing – you are guilty, and now you will pay. They take revenge gracefully and calmly, as if rising above the situation. And they forgive with great difficulty.

Aquarius rarely takes revenge

Representatives of this sign do not like revenge. They tend to emotionally distance themselves from conflict situations, as well as limit the problem in order to exclude its influence on other aspects of their life. And they do it pretty well.

If they still decide to take revenge, they behave like children – loud and noisy. Then they erase this unpleasant person from their life forever.

Fish turn into piranhas

Many cannot even imagine it, but the gentle representatives of this sign can turn into piranhas if they have been hurt so much that they decide to take revenge.

Their disappointment can be so strong that they begin to draw really crazy scenarios in their minds, imagining the complete collapse of their enemy and even his death. Their tactics are to belittle and ridicule the one who hurt them. Their revenge is not logical, but, first of all, emotional.


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