World Hotman Paris to the AGO, Gerindra Lobster Exporters, Government...

Hotman Paris to the AGO, Gerindra Lobster Exporters, Government Site Hacking


JAKARTA, KOMPASTV – First News Hotman Paris was present with the legal advisory team at the Attorney General’s Office. He said he would provide a number of documents to the Attorney General’s Office regarding the two investment managers. Previously the two investment managers were named as suspects in the Jiwasraya case.

Second News The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo admitted that Gerindra Party cadres get permission to become lobster seed exporters. However, Edhy did not recognize who the Gerindra party cadres proposed to be lobster exporter. Edhy also stressed granting permission lobster exporter not given to close people or family.

Third News A resident of Sleman Yogyakarta was arrested by the police after hacking more than 1300 Government-owned sites and accounts. Sites and accounts of victims of hacking vary from those of the Government, the Supreme Court to Educational Institutions. Police Public Relations Head of Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono said the police said that there were other actors operating at least overseas such as Australia, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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