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Heboh Djoko Tjandra Creates Identity, Position of South Grogol Urban Village Is Crashed


The fact that Djoko Tjandra can make an electronic KTP or e-KTP in Grogol Selatan Sub-district in a fast impact on career Asep Subahan. Asep must be willing to be disabled from his position as Lurah Grogol Selatan.

“Yes, (Asep Subah) is deactivated,” said South Jakarta Mayor Marullah Matali when asked for confirmation, Friday (7/10/2020).

However, Marullah did not explain when Asep was deactivated as South Grogol Village Chief. Marullah also suspected the deactivation of Asep aftermath from the printing of Djoko Tjandra e-KTP.

He said Asep had to undergo a series of checks related to the making of Djoko Tjandra’s e = KTP. Asep, he said, was welcome to complete the series of examinations.

“It seems that the problem (e-KTP Djoko Tjandra), because many more are checking to be finished first, of course the village head office needs services. If the headman needs to still call here and there while looking for other people,” said Marullah.

Asep also spoke about his status. He said it had been deactivated on July 9 yesterday.

“Right, the task has been released for internal inspection. (Disable) July 9, 2020,” Asep said when asked for a separate confirmation via text message on Friday (10/7).

Asep also claimed not to know how long the inspection was carried out. “Don’t know yet,” he said.



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