World Genoa paralyzed for works in motorway tunnels: blocked port,...

Genoa paralyzed for works in motorway tunnels: blocked port, traffic in tilt in Liguria. Aspi: “It will be better only in 7 days”


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A new day of road traffic in tilt, perhaps the worst, with mileage queues in several sections, the Region ready for legal battle e Highways that already warns aboutintensification of the works and of closures during the next week. The road transport of the Liguria It is in the chaos for the inspections in galleries by the concessionaire, which must complete the checks by 10 July, as indicated in the Ministry of Transport. And now, to give at least economic relief to those who remain in line, announces the Suspension of toll in different routes starting from Saturday. But the omelet is made, with enraged motorists for the ordeal and a container transport giant like Cosco, over 50 years of history in the Genoese port, which has invited its customers to choose other berths in order not to find themselves stuck in Genoese traffic and along the Ligurian arteries. So much so that the same CEO of the dealership, Roberto Tomasi, must admit: “The situation of the Genoa node is extremely complex, even the local economists. The port is put in serious difficulty. We trust in the common sense of the MIT and the institutions to find a solution ”.

From Friday morning the entire viability of Genoa with infinite columns for the unexpected extension of the closure of a section of the A10 Genoa-Savona. The planned inspection of a tunnel, the Borgonovo, by Autostrade it continued beyond the early hours of dawn and the section was reopened only at 10 am. In the meantime, 12 kilometers of tail on the A10 between the junction A26 and Arenzano, 6 kilometers between Masone and the A26-A10 Genova-Ventimiglia junction. And the traffic spilled over ordinary roads thus creating one of the worst traffic jams you can remember from the days of collapse of Morandi with 20 kilometers of cars in the column on the Aurelia gives Sampierdarena ad Arenzano. Paralyzed also Guido Rossa, the main road for transport to the port.

In the coming days, he warned Autostrade per l’Italia in others tunnel of the Ligurian network the activity will have one “Particular intensity” to “respect the deadline of 10 July indicated by the MIT”, in short, new traffic jams are expected after the large funnel seen today in the Genoese knot. With the note: “They will concentrate several closures sections close to the Genoese node, with opening times functional to the type of restoration that may be necessary “. And on the horizon there is a new chapter in the clash between the ministry and the dealership, with the Liguria region announcing to both the possibility of dragging them into court.

President Giovanni Toti he first spoke of “another morning of madness on the highways of Liguria “. Then, with the vice president and regional councilor for health Sonia Viale, he wrote to Autostrade asking that building site blocks be communicated with timeliness, because in this way i medical aid of 112 and 118. If “the lack of communication complained of persists”, they wrote to Aspi, the Region will go to Demand. “Deafening silence from the ministry – he then went back to hammering in the evening – This region does not bow. I signed theexposed half an hour ago, and the request for a table to start a negotiation for i economic compensation. Without answers we will take legal action in exactly one week. “

In the Ligurian motorways, traffic jams are on the agenda practically from the beginning of June with the resumption of the movements between regions. At the end of May – always open the lawsuit on the revocation of the concession after the collapse of Morandi – the Ministry of Transport has given new provisions on inspections in tunnels and the dealership has opened dozens of construction sites in Liguria, which often involve track changes, routes closed at night and during the day you travel on with narrow lanes to allow inspections on the other. Local institutions have repeatedly complained about the lack of coordination of the work and some mayors, such as Arenzano, have also moved legally.

And now the shadow of the flight not only tourists, forced to record queues to reach the places of holiday, but also of the port operators of Genoa. The worldwide shipping giant Cosco warned its customers of this “Chaos never seen” advising against using the Genoese port for expeditions, inviting to turn to alternative ports like La Spezia, Ravenna, Trieste, Venezia. “It is the first time that we have managed to manage such a one emergency, with trucks that cannot enter the port, with the Genova Ovest toll booth blocked during the crucial hours, with the containers stopped for days on the aprons because the customer cannot collect them and with the terminal operators who do not discounts, but on the contrary they intend to be paid even if the container remains stationary due to force majeure ”, he explains in an interview with The sun 24 hours the general manager of Cosco, Marco Donati. “What is happening in Genoa – he warns – is very dangerous, because if a customer is forced to move elsewhere, it is not obvious that in future can go back. “

“The alarm level is maximum, the situation has escaped Mit for disarmant incapacityand to plan and Aspi is responsible forneglect of the network that has been going on for years, “commented the manager of Spediporto Giampaolo Botta. The association of port terminal operators belonging to Confindustria, Assiterminal, announced that a possible legal action “in the form of di class action or to request damages to Autostrade ”, but also to others, explained the president Luca Becce. The president of the port of Genoa Paolo Emilio Signorini however, he said he was “moderately optimistic” on one solution, while i port workers they soon announced a big one mobilization to make itself heard by the institutions. And we go to another fiery weekend. While Autostrade explains that the situation will improve from 10 July, going towards the regularization within twenty days. Liguria hopes.

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