Entertainment Former Kasabian vocalist pleads guilty to assaulting his former...

Former Kasabian vocalist pleads guilty to assaulting his former partner


Former Kasabian vocalist Tom Meighan was sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty Tuesday in Leicester magistrates court to assaulting his former fiancee.

The case came a day after Meighan resigned from the band through a statement in which he said he was dealing with “personal matters.”


Closed-circuit videos of the attack were presented to the court while 39-year-old Meighan dried her eyes and held her head in her hands.

His attorney Michelle Heeley told the court that “he offered his sincere apologies to people whom he had disappointed and who were seeking to address his offensive behavior.”

Founded in the English city of Leicester in 1997, Kasabian released their debut album in 2004. The band have since released six albums and topped prominent festivals such as Glastonbury.


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