Sport Covid-19 tests for NHL hockey players revealed 15 new...

Covid-19 tests for NHL hockey players revealed 15 new cases


On Monday, the NHL received reports of all 250 hockey players using club infrastructure in the second phase of the return plan.

“A total of 1,450 Covid-19 tests were performed on these players. Of the tested, 15 were hockey players,” the league said in a statement.

In addition, since June 8, Covid-19 tests performed outside the second phase of the return plan have resulted in positive results for players in 11 cases.

On June 8, the second phase of the NHL plan began, which envisages a return to the pitches and the end of the 2019/2020 season. On this date, the teams were able to open their training halls for small group classes.

The NHL reports tests every week, but does not reveal player identities or clubs.

In the second phase, classes with no more than six players take place in the team gyms. The start of the third phase is scheduled for July 10, when the units could start their training camps.

Club owners and players have already agreed on a format for 24 team elimination games.

The format envisages a series of up to three wins in the “play-off” qualification round, followed by a transition to the traditional series format for up to four wins.

The league and the players’ union also agreed that the playoffs would not take place in the traditional grid, when each team knows with which pair the winner will play the next round, and the teams will be re-seeded after each round.

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