News Corona virus: 15,000+ new infections - Florida breaks California's...

Corona virus: 15,000+ new infections – Florida breaks California’s corona record


In Florida, the record number of more than 15,000 new coronavirus infections has been recorded within 24 hours. 15,299 new contagion cases were counted, according to the state Department of Health in the southeastern United States on Sunday. This is the highest number of new infections registered in a U.S. state in one day.

California held the previous record with 11,694 cases of infection within 24 hours – this number of new infections in the West Coast state was recorded last Wednesday. The corona virus has been spreading at a significantly accelerated pace in the United States for a few weeks now, particularly affecting the south and west of the country.

Critics attribute this development to the fact that the corona restrictions were loosened too early in many places. Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis (41) started easing in early May, ahead of most other states. DeSantis is a close ally of the US President Donald Trump (74), who is pushing for a quick end to all restrictions. DeSantis bars closed at the end of June. In contrast to other governors of the US south, however, he did not order a mask requirement in public space. The Disney World theme park was reopened to visitors at the weekend.

Most recently, nearly 56,000 new cases of infection were recorded in Florida over a five-day period. The top US virologist and presidential advisor Anthony Fauci (79) had recently criticized DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic in an unusually open manner: measures had been relaxed there before the data on the virus justified such steps. The governor rejected the criticism: he acted on the basis of the data available at the time, he replied.

The United States is by far the world‘s hardest hit by the pandemic. A total of 59,747 new cases of infection were recorded in the country on Sunday within 24 hours, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. The total number of infections recorded rose to around 3.3 million. A further 442 patients who died as a result of the infection were also registered, bringing the official total number of corona deaths in the United States to 135,171.


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