Technology Call of Duty Warzone may receive Counter UAVs •...

Call of Duty Warzone may receive Counter UAVs •


It appears that Call of Duty Warzone players will soon be able to purchase a Counter UAV from the Buy Station.

With the recently introduced update, players found that activating four UAVs simultaneously disrupts everyone in the game’s radar. This has the same effect as a Counter UAV, but it seems that Infinity Ward will add it to the Buy Station as well.

Reddit user TwitterWWE managed to get into another menu of the Buy Station through a glitch and saw that the Counter UAV was offered there. This should cost $ 4500, which is $ 500 more than the standard UAV.

The arrival of the Counter UAV in Warzone is a significant change to the game’s meta. Players who are wanted can shake off their pursuers or use them to start the attack themselves.

Infinity Ward has yet to confirm its arrival, but this seems to be a matter of time. Incidentally, it is only the second update at the Buy Station. The previous introduced the Armor Box. Incidentally, the price of a Loadout Drop is the only thing that has changed.

Call of Duty Warzone is also approaching Season 5. According to rumors the new in-game season brings some changes to the map. The stadium would open and a moving train would come to Verdansk.


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