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Breaking news … Aim again! 13 houses quarantined in 5 neighborhoods in Gaziantep


Gaziantep13 people in 5 neighborhoods were quarantined when a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) test of a person who participated in Islahiye district of Istanbul proved positive.

According to the information received, the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) test of 57-year-old EG, who attended an engagement ceremony in Beyler Mahallesi Şehit Süleyman Şen Street from Gaziantep, was positive.

According to the AA report, when it was determined that EG, which was taken under treatment in a hospital in Gaziantep, came to the district for the engagement ceremony two days ago, as a result of the filming conducted by the medical teams, the house where the engagement ceremony was held, as well as the 13 houses living in 5 neighborhoods, which are stated to be in contact. the person was quarantined.

When the houses in the neighborhood were disinfected by the İslahiye Municipality teams when the Sanitation Board decided, the police teams posted a warning letter to the places where the houses were located, and a security strip was drawn. During the quarantine, the needs of those living in the homes will be met by the District Governor Vefa Social Support Group.


On the other hand, according to the news of UAV, while the number of coronavirus cases increased in the district, the test of a doctor in charge of the radiation team was also positive.

After the first case was seen on April 8, the total number of cases seen in İslahiye reached 41. In İslahiye, 18 cases were detected in the last week. About 600 of the citizens who applied to the İslahiye State Hospital with various complaints, which were considered suspicious, were tested. 5 people in the district died due to corona virus. People who come into contact with people who have corona virus are quarantined by the İslahiye District Health Directorate’s radiation team. Currently, 760 people who are found to be in contact with the cases in Islahiye are in quarantine.

The coronavirus test of a doctor in the İslahiye District Health Directorate’s radiation team was positive. İslahiye District Health Directorate’s radiation teams working under severe conditions and with limited personnel experienced great sadness with the positive of the doctor. Treatment and observation of the doctor, who is learned to have a good general condition, continues at home.




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