News Brazilian priest left with everything: “He does not serve....

Brazilian priest left with everything: “He does not serve. Bolsonaro is worth nothing “


Jair Bolsonaro is a controversial president with levels of rejection that have increased during the coronavirus crisis, mainly due to not having a coherent policy, his speech minimizing the effects of the pandemic while the death and contagion numbers reach unprecedented levels.

In the midst of questions about its capabilities to take the country forward in the face of the economic and health crisis facing Brazil, the second nation most hit on the planet by covid, the president confirmed that he had been infected with coronavirus.

But Bolsonaro’s positive PCR did not lessen criticism of him, in fact the most popular hashtag on Twitter is “crown force.”

However, the toughest questions came from where it was least expected: a member of the Catholic Church.

In the middle of mass, the priest Edson Adélio Tagliaferro, the church Our Lady of Sorrows, in Sao Paulo, went with everything against the president. According to CNN, the priest assured that “he is useless. Bolsonaro is worthless. Whoever voted for him has to confess. To ask God for forgiveness for the sin he committed, because he chose a bandit as president.”

The priest, in fact, addressed Bolsonaro’s constant religious discourse and also criticized them: “He speaks of God above all else, but he is not the God of Jesus, because the God of Jesus is the one who preaches for life.”

“Sometimes people say to me, ‘Father, be careful what you say during the homily because there are people who don’t like it.’ But what do I have to say during the homily? What God asks us to speak. If we are seeing that the government does not serve, we cannot say that it serves because the people do not want to hear that, ”said the priest.


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