Sport Barça: Griezmann was not blacklisted by Messi and Suarez

Barça: Griezmann was not blacklisted by Messi and Suarez


Antoine Griezmann’s first season at FC Barcelona has not lived up to expectations, but the French player is supported by his teammates.

By signing at Barça during the 2019 transfer window, Antoine Griezmann probably did not expect to know as many worries. Because for the tri-color world champion nothing has been easy for a year, to the point that his departure from FC Barcelona has been considered. Worse still, rumors have circulated that the world champion has been sidelined in the Catalan locker room, Lionel Messi having no hooks with Antoine Griezmann. Of course, this could announce complicated days for the former Atlético Madrid player, humiliated by Quique Setien during the recent reunion with the Colchoneros. But far from maintaining rumors of a concern between the Barcelona executives and Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez said all the good he thought of the French striker.

Confiding in Sports world, Lionel Messi’s lieutenant set the record straight on the Antoine Griezmann case. ” He is an essential player. He has a way of being that makes him welcome in the group and he is appreciated. Antoine had a difficult time because things did not go as he wanted, but he had our support. Sometimes, when the coach replaces you, your confidence diminishes a little (…) Whoever has been in the club for many years knows how difficult it is to arrive in a team like Barcelona where the requirement is maximum (. ..) You must learn to live with the requirement of Barça and Antoine understands it. He talks a lot to his teammates, he knows how difficult it is to be a striker in this club “Said Luis Suarez, who obviously does not charge Antoine Griezmann and maintains confidence in the French player.


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