Alcindo Monteiro died 25 years ago. A victim of racism

25 years ago, on the night of June 10 and the morning of the following day, Lisbon was “swept” by a group of skinheads. With extreme violence, they went out to beat blacks. More than ten people ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. One of the victims did not resist. His name was Alcindo Monteiro, he was 27 years old and he was from Cape Verde. Today, his murder remains one of the most infamous crimes in Portuguese democracy. He was beaten to death just having a different skin color, on Portugal day, by a group and men, all young, nationalists and racists.

Alcindo was found senseless on Rua Garrett, in Chiado. He had been beaten so badly that his slight body gave way. He suffered hemorrhages, traumatic craniocerebral injuries and fractures. He died on June 11 in the early hours of the morning. He left Barreiro, where he lived, to go dancing in Lisbon. There was animation in Lisbon. Sporting had won the Portuguese Cup that day, against Marítimo, and Santos Populares were already moving.

His destiny was traced when he crossed with the group of skinheads. Nine of them were identified the very next day. The way they acted meant that there was no doubt about who they were and what their motivations were: shaved hair, jeans, black t-shirts and jackets, steel toecap boots. In the following months, ten more individuals would be detained. Of the initial group of suspects, two were military – Mário Machado was in the Portuguese Air Force and another was an army soldier. Machado is the well-known leader of skins in Portugal, from youth to the present. He led fascist movements such as the National Action Movement and the New Social Order. He has already been sentenced to prison terms for several crimes, including in this case, but he did not participate in the attack on Alcindo and was punished for assaulting five other Africans on the same night.

“The racist aspect is always present”

The court that would later judge them proved that they were racist, as it reads in the judgment: “The defendants are linked to the” Skinheads “movement in Portugal. This group of people have in common the cult of certain ideas – nationalism and racism – with which, in a more or less internalized way, they sympathize. They exalt nationalism, fascism and Nazism. Salazar and his regime are seen as a model to follow. The racist aspect is always present. They appeal to the superiority of the white race considering the black race as a lower race. In general terms, according to a policy they call “racialism” they do not allow the mixing of races; they are against the immigration to Portugal of black individuals, namely those from the former colonies. They defend the expulsion from the national territory of all individuals of black race and in order to achieve this end and in the name of the “Nation” and the “superiority of the white race”, all aggressions against this group of individuals are legitimate. “

On the night of June 1995, on Rua Garrett, the victim was a Portuguese. Alcindo Monteiro was born on October 1, 1967, in the city of Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde. The family emigrated to Barreiro in 1978 was 11 years old and at a time when Cape Verde was already independent. Alcindo returned to have a Portuguese Identity Card in 1991. He worked in an auto mechanic workshop and in his spare time he liked to take care of his parakeets, cook and dance. He was a citizen with a clean record.

For his attackers, this was not relevant. The nationalists had dined in Cacilhas, at a meeting of various skin elements and which aimed to celebrate the 10th of June, Portugal Day and Race Day. When they met Alcindo, they only saw one more “black”. There were punches, kicks and aggression with a cement block on the head.

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