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A second wave in summer in Belgium? Reassuring experts, but contamination is increasing


In recent days, the number of new infections in Belgium has been increasing. A finding that does not seem to worry health experts, however.

Geert Meyfroidt, intensivist at UZ Leuvent, contextualizes the recent data reported by Sciensano to our colleagues from The last news: “These are fluctuations that we have seen coming: we have been on a plateau for some time. I expect the numbers to fluctuate around this level all summer“, he explains.

According to Geert Meyfroidt, the current increases are actually due to foci of contamination. This is particularly the case of Antwerp where there have been 85 new cases in recent days.

The doctor does not expect a second wave this summer, but rather to “local epidemics, like in Spain and Portugal“. “This could put some pressure on local hospitals, but we are currently well below maximum capacity”, He reassures. “People infected in their twenties are unlikely to end up in hospital if they have no other health problems. As for people in their fifties, there may be some“, did he declare.

The epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme specifies that it is especially the age group of 20-50 years who is now mainly affected. He also attests to an increase in cases in the Antwerp Jewish community:

It can be trips to Israel“, he explained on VTM.“It is not the only cause of the increase. It can also be linked to an epidemic in a particular company or neighborhood. We will have to keep an eye on this”.

Finally, Geert Meyfroidt recalls that the virus is still present and insists on the importance of continuing to comply with health rules and in particular the wearing of masks: “These masks will help limit the transmission of the virus. And, just as important: they remind people that the virus has not gone away. We will have to adapt for a while“.

Marc Van Ranst alarmist

Virologist Marc Van Ranst also delivered a reassuring speech this weekend, what he has since nuanced:”As long as the increase in the number of infections is not gradual, it is not so serious“, he said.

“The weekly average has gradually increased to 90 new daily cases of Covid-19. In recent days, the number of new cases reported daily has risen to 130. We must not fall asleep because we are going in the wrong direction. More ‘Attention is desperately needed! “he shared on Twitter.


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