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A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. breaks auction records


It seems that video games are a media of all records and that Nintendo is often the cause. This seems to be confirmed with a copy of Super Mario Bros. which just broke an auction record once again. Something to be hoped for when we have a substantial collection that sleeps on shelves in our living room.

Image credit: Heritage Auction

You shouldn’t play it

Already in 2019 a copy of Super Mario Bros. on NES was sold by Heritage Auction, an auction house that has been talked about a lot for a few years. The company having slowly specialized in the video games market, following the decline of the comics market. This is how they are frequently found announcing sales or records that have been generated by an auction on a rare game. This contributes to their reputation, as well as to promoting their appraisal service to determine the value of a product. Their service having experienced a certain gain of interest with a certain group of collectors.

It is with this idea that Heritage Auction announces that a new record has been established by a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. The 1985 game had previously been auctioned off for $ 100,150. But now a new sale has just broken this record, with an anonymous buyer who got hold of the game for the modest sum of 114,000 US dollars. It would be a fairly rare version, from a small production of the game in which the boxes had a cartridge tab under the plastic. An indication suggesting that it would be one of the first variants produced just after Nintendo began to laminate its games to seal them.

This Super Mario Bros. was part of a collection of games from 1980 to 1990 that was recently auctioned off. Heritage Auction aimed to reach US $ 500,000, but the estimates were exceeded, since after having been won by several buyers, the final sum reached US $ 700,000. Several of these games have small features, in addition to being sealed. As for Super Mario Bros. 3 for example, where the font of “Bros” is slightly different in the first versions of the game. From there to justify the astronomical sums, we will leave you alone judge.

In the lot, there were in particular several other sales such as:

  • Myke Tyson Punch Out! sealed on NES for 50,400 US
  • A prototype of SEGA Pluto-02 for 84,000 US $
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 sealed, “First Print” copy for US $ 38,400
  • Wild Gunman on NES, sealed, for US $ 26,400
  • Contra on NES, sealed, for US $ 21,600
  • Duck Hunt on NES, sealed, for US $ 14,400
  • Gyromite on NES, sealed, for US $ 11,100


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