Sport «A scandal what is currently happening in this league»

«A scandal what is currently happening in this league»


Pajtim Kasami criticizes those responsible for the league.

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FC Sion is affected indirectly for the second time as a result of a corona fall at the opposing team. Pajtim Kasami has the faxes thick.

The game between Xamax and Sion will take place five hours before the scheduled kick-off postponed by 24 hours. Sion star Pajtim Kasami made a telling tweet shortly before the official decision: “Scandal what is happening here in this league is an absolute cheek!”

Sion was affected by a short-term game cancellation at the weekend. Last Friday, several Corona cases at FC Zurich were announced, the game was postponed to July 28 the following day. Even then Kasami was annoyed. Opposite «Blick» he said: «It went really shit now. First we have to wait three months, then we play every three days and now that! But if you see what’s going on in Switzerland at the moment, it was foreseeable that footballers would also become infected. All people are outside again, clubs and bars are open again, new infections have been increasing for days. »

Kasami: «I have the feeling that the league is now completely overwhelmed»

Kasami went on to say: “The Bundesliga players were tested twice a week on Corona. Here at FC Sion we had a test before the restart. Ever since. No other teams were tested at all. Regular tests would also have sent the right signal to all players. It is inexplicable to me why this was not compulsory. » If that was not possible for financial reasons, then this is incomprehensible.

In the American Major League Soccer, too, all players were checked, with the result that two teams were excluded at the same time. «Everyone lives in a hotel complex, is isolated. That makes an extremely professional impression. That was not possible here, and now we have the big puff. I have the feeling that the league is now completely overwhelmed. You have developed a protection concept, but you have not dealt with what you have to do if a team has to be in quarantine. »

It is quite possible that players at other clubs are also infected, he said after the cases at FC Zurich became known, so “I advocate that all teams be tested”. Kasami should be right, now Xamax has its first positive case.

Is the game plan still reasonable for Sion?

The situation is extremely difficult for Sion, who was the only team in addition to Lugano to end the season before the restart. The already crowded program is becoming even denser for the Valais.

Since the Sioners are now on duty on Thursday, the game against Lugano scheduled for Saturday may have to be postponed. The appointment chaos is perfect. It’s hard to imagine that Sion President Christian Constantin won’t go on the barricades.


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