News A doctor and six employees of the Hima San...

A doctor and six employees of the Hima San Pablo Group test positive for COVID-19


A doctor and six employees of the Hima San Pablo Group they tested positive COVID-19 after they shared together in a social activity, the president of the hospital institution, attorney Armando Rodríguez reported this Thursday.

According to written statements sent to The new day, the doctor remains hospitalized for health complications related to the virus.

“The analysis of contact tracing that was done in this case identified a social activity outside the Institution as the possible point of infection, which was attended by six other employees who have also been diagnosed with the virus”Rodríguez explained.

The also CEO of the Hima San Pablo Group indicated that once they found out about the positive cases, they reported to the Health Department and separated the employees from the rest of the staff at their hospitals. However, he did not specify in which of his hospitals the employees work.

“HIMA San Pablo Hospitals ask the public to respect the privacy of our colleague and their family members and to join in wishing him a speedy recovery”, established the president.

Given this, Rodríguez urged Puerto Ricans not to let their guard down before COVID-19. According to data from the Department of Health, Puerto Rico today has 3,119 confirmed positive cases, 7,455 probable infections, 172 deaths and 280 hospitalized by the virus.

“We want to take this opportunity to urge all Puerto Ricans to maintain personal prevention practices of mask use, distancing, and frequent deep handwashing. We cannot let our guard down, you and your family members must protect yourself; and help us protect all health professionals, who are also human beings and have friends and families and could be exposed just like the others, “he added.


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