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JAKARTA, – The DKI Jakarta Education Office provided an explanation of the non-acceptance Aristawidya Maheswari (15) in any high school at the New Student Admissions (PPDB) school year 2020/2021.

Arista is an achievement student who won 700 trophies who are alumni of Jakarta 92 Middle School.

Deputy Head of DKI Education Agency, Syaefuloh Hidayat, explained that Arista did follow several paths in this year’s PPDB.

First, Arista registered for the affirmation path on June 19. He chose High School 12, High School 6, and High School 121 but had not yet been accepted because he lost in terms of age

“The first selection is to meet the affirmation criteria. The second selection indeed we use age. Indeed, Arista is 15 years 8 months 2 days when PPDB,” said Syaefuloh when contacted, Thursday (07/09/2020).

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Then Arista also followed the zoning route on June 26. He enrolled in High School 36, 59, and High School 53. But he also hasn’t passed.

“Then it was also part of the academic achievement path that used report cards. The Arista score was 7,763 in the 12th and 21st high schools, while in 12th the lowest was 8,265 and the 21st was the lowest at 8,486,” he said.

Furthermore Arista also tried the path of non-academic achievement. Despite having very many achievements, Syaefuloh claimed that Arista was not accepted because the highest achievement in the field of fine arts was the municipal level championship.

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While the DKI Disdik provisions for non-academic achievement paths are for the high school level, they must have won provincial, national and international champions.

“So that they cannot. Indeed, there are many achievements, many champions, many certificates, only the highest level is the Mayor. While the others are the other competitors are the national level, international level, and the level of DKI,” he said.

Arista himself had revealed that he had won, among others, Champion III National Student Art Creation Competition and Champion I Festival of the Ministry of Transportation Competition.

However, according to Syaefulah, based on Arista uploads on the system, the two champions were not included.

“What was uploaded into the system was the city level 1 certificate. We saw the facts,” he said.

Disdik offers an alternative Arista

Because it failed on all four tracks, Disdik then offered Arista to try the final stage.

Syaefuloh said, the Education Office assigned the Head of PAUD to meet with Arista.

“And we try to suggest to take part in the final stage on July 7-8. There is also offered or if you want to go to a country PKBM that has an equality package but the person refuses to refuse,” continued Syaefuloh.

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In addition, Arista is also offered to enter a private school close to his home.

Then on July 7 and 8, the 15-year-old student re-registered online in the final stage by choosing a school in 12th high school majoring in social studies.

Unfortunately, Arista’s grades were also inadequate because 12 high school social studies majors required a weight of 7,800.

In addition, he also chose a science major in the same high school but again was not accepted because the weight of the majors was 7,900.

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“Then choose 21 high school majoring in IPS, the lowest choice is the lowest score of 7,800, then he is also high school 36 majoring in social studies, then he also chooses high school 45, high school 102, the lowest score is 7,700. So that until the 8th it has not passed if you follow schools that had Arista had biding, “said Syaefuloh.

Furthermore, on July 8, Disdik also briefly assigned a section head and 1 high school head to suggest and provide portfolios.

With a value of 7,763, Arista is still possible to be accepted at State High School 115. However, Arista is said to be uninterested in the offer.

“But that time was still relevant grouchy “We don’t want to go to 115, we can’t force it,” he said.

Then on July 8th at 15.01 WIB, when the final stage track was closed, Arista only conveyed if he was interested in entering 115 SMA.

Unfortunately it can’t be because of the system online closed automatically and no manual registration.

“Then at 15.01 he just told us that if I wanted to register in 115 the system was closed. It’s no longer possible, we can’t enter it,” he said.

However, Syaefuloh claimed that he would again send his staff to offer Arista to enter a private school.

“We continue to offer the PKBM package C equivalency package that country and the country and in our opinion there is no difference between equality with formal high school. Then we also offer if you want to go to this private high school you will be accompanied when talking about difficulties we help communication with schools,” he concluded.

Arista fails PPDB repeatedly

Arista’s grandmother, Siwi Purwanti (60), has registered her grandchildren through several PPDB channels, ranging from non-academic achievements, affirmations for Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) holders, zoning, to academic achievements.

However, Arista has always failed to win a state school seat through these PPDB channels.

While following the path of non-academic achievement, Arista failed because of her achievements when she was in elementary school.

In fact, Arista won many achievements in the field of painting. In total, there were 700 trophies he had achieved while participating in the painting competition.

The awards he has won, among others, were the national level III art student competition and the Ministry of Liaison I festival.

“If the achievement track requires an award that is achieved a maximum of two years apart when he (Arista) applied for PPDB. Because his achievements were in elementary school, he could not,” Siwi said when confirmed, last Saturday.

Meanwhile, on the affirmation route, Arista did not pass because of the age factor.

Many prospective students who are accepted are older than Arista.

Siwi then registers Arista through zoning. However, again Arista failed due to age.

“I tried (registering Arista at) six schools, first at SMAN 12, 61 and 21, failed due to age. Try again at SMAN 36, 59, and 53, the same was not accepted, lost age,” said Siwi.

Not broke, Siwi continued to strive for Arista to be able to attend public high school.

Siwi registered Arista through academic achievement. However, his efforts also failed due to age.


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