News 130,000 dead in the United States, Bolsonaro tested ......

130,000 dead in the United States, Bolsonaro tested … update on the coronavirus


New assessments, new measures, highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

The situation in France

France has recorded 27 new Covid-19-related deaths since Friday in hospitals, bringing to 29 920 the total number of deaths since the start of the epidemic, announced Monday the Directorate General of Health (DGS). The assessment in the Ehpad (currently arrested at 10,497 deaths, for 19,423 died in hospitals) will be updated on Tuesday.

At the same time, the number of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care continues to decrease with 548 patients concerned, 25 fewer than on Friday. A total of 7,850 people are hospitalized for this infection (98 new admissions, including 10 serious cases, but a balance of -140 in three days).

The circulation of the virus in Guyana remains “worrying”, underlines the ministry.

The situation in the world

The new coronavirus has done at least 535,025 deaths worldwide since late December, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources Monday at 7 p.m. GMT.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of number of deaths and cases, with 130,080 deaths for 2,910,023 cases.

After the United States, the most affected countries in terms of death are Brazil (64,867 dead), the United Kingdom (44,236 dead), Italy (34,869 dead) and Mexico, which exceeds France with 30,639 dead.

Full hospitals in Arizona

In the United States, which has recorded record infections for more than a week, nearly 40,000 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours. In Arizona, almost 90% of the beds in intensive care are occupied.

The beaches of Los Angeles were again closed and Miami put under curfew.

Symptoms for Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced on CNN Brazil on Monday that he had some symptoms of the new coronavirus and that he had undergone a test, the results of which will be known on Tuesday. According to the television channel, the president, who is very skeptical about the Covid-19 pandemic, told one of his journalists that he had certain symptoms of the coronavirus, including 38 ° fever, and that a chest x-ray had been done at the Armed Forces Hospital.

According to local press, the 65-year-old president canceled the activities planned for the week. “The president’s state of health is currently good and he is at his residence,” the presidency said in a statement.

New local restrictions

Australia will isolate the state of Victoria from the rest of the country after an outbreak of infections in the city of Melbourne. Two months after its deconfinement, Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is again placed in confinement. The Kosovo government has reintroduced a curfew in Pristina and three other cities. After Catalonia, 70,000 people have been subjected to isolation measures in Galicia since Sunday.

Disappointing clinical trials

The list of potential drugs for Covid-19 continues to narrow: after hydroxychloroquine, European clinical trials Solidarity and Discovery have also discontinued lopinavir / ritonavir.

These two trials now only focus on one drug, remdesivir, which has just obtained a conditional marketing in the European Union.

Reopening of the Louvre and virtual mode

The largest and most visited museum in the world reopened on Monday to applause. A reservation system with slots of five hundred people visiting every half hour has been set up. Closed for three and a half months, the museum has lost more than 40 million euros in revenue.

Paris fashion week opened on Monday for the first time in its history without a parade. Each house will unveil its collection with a video broadcast during its time slot.

Chinese academic arrested

Xu Zhangrun, a prominent Chinese professor who has written several critical texts against President Xi Jinping and his alleged role in the epidemic, was arrested on Monday.

Tens of thousands of mink slaughtered

Tens of thousands of mink, reared for their fur, have been slaughtered in the Netherlands since June after the discovery of Covid-19 cases in these small mammals. Two farm workers “most likely” contracted the mink virus, Dutch authorities said in May. These two cases could be the “first known cases of transmission of the new coronavirus from animal to man, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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